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Architectural and Historic Home Sales

Michelle Serafini and Rosa Buettner are preservation advocates and have an extensive background in architectural and historic home sales in La Jolla. San Diego is known for its amazing architecture, ranging from mid-century modern and California craftsman styles to Spanish Revival and iconic awarding winning architectural estates. Selling or acquiring a historic or architecturally significant residence can be thrilling, but it can also bring nuances and challenges. Here is what is important to know when working on selling a historic or architecturally significant home:


Historic properties can be a challenge to value. Since each property is unique, it’s often difficult to find comparable sales, which leads to incorrect pricing of the home. In the past, our group has seen historic houses go underpriced by real estate professionals that are not familiar with their value. Historic designation also raises a property’s value. According to the National Register of Historic Places, historic properties are generally at least 50 years old, but can be younger if they contribute to, or represent an important part of American history, architecture, or culture, among other criteria.When selling a historic home, it is crucial to work with a realtor who has a hands-on experience and knowledge of local historical properties in the area.


When working with Michelle Serafiniand Rosa Buettner, you will have the opportunity to be represented by realtors who embrace what living in art and history can mean to a homeowner. They are familiar with the local, state, and national laws and regulations that govern historic properties and historic districts, so that they can properly disclose information on available tax credits and restrictions on ownership. In addition, as architectural and historic specialists, they are keenly aware of aspects that will enhance your property when they list and market the home.


Historic and architecturally significant homes need special marketing and public relations exposure. Our group will assist you in preparing your home for sale and presenting the home to a targeted buyer pool, both locally and internationally.


When selling historic properties in coastal San Diego, patience is indeed a virtue. As Realtors, we bring our passion of design and history into selling this type of property.


Selling historically preserved and architecturally significant residences require the implementation of customized marketing strategies.The Serafini Buettner Group has access to all of the resources of the Coldwell Banker Historic and Architectural Homes Division.


-Represented the Seller on a 1924 cottage in La Jolla Village

-Represented the Seller-Trustee on a mid-century modern Cir. 1940 home in the Village of La Jolla

-Represented the Seller-Trustee on a Cir. 1940 Spanish home in the Beach Barber Tract of La Jolla

-Represented the Buyer on a mid-century modern in Encinitas

-Represented the Buyer on a Cir. 1930 craftsman in North Park

-Represented the Seller of a Cir. 1930 classic in Upper -Hermosa in La Jolla

-Represented the Seller-Trust of a mid-century modern by Homer Delawie in La Jolla Shores

-Represented the Seller of a Cir. 1930 classic Spanish residence in La Jolla Shores

-Represented the Buyer on mid-century modern view home in Pacific Beach

-Represented the Seller of an Irving Gill in Hillcrest

-Represented the Seller of a 40’s California ranch in La Jolla’s Country Club neighborhood

-Represented the Buyer of a Historically-designated home in La Jolla Village

-Represented the Seller of a 70’s ocean view contemporary in Del Mar

-Represented the Seller of a 1920’s home just a few blocks to the beach in Pacific Beach

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