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Five Points to Consider Before Buying a Home in La Jolla

  1. Don’t Expect For Sale Signs
  2. Due to the exclusivity of the area, buyers should not expect to see yard signs in La Jolla. The 92037 zip code represents one of the most prestigious communities in the country. Having representation in La Jolla is almost required if buyers want to be informed about all inventory, on and off the market.

  3. Work With an Expert In the Area
  4. Having an agent who has strong connections, access to other agents, and belongs to the community and networking groups in the area is very important. If an agent isn’t active in the market, a buyer’s offer may take a back seat to other offers being presented. We highly recommend choosing a Realtor that is a member of the Real Estate Broker’s Association of La Jolla (REBA). These members know all Realtors and Brokers in the area, and know all the ins and outs of all properties on market in La Jolla.

  5. Set Expectations
  6. We educate and inform our out-of-state buyers, so that they don’t experience sticker shock when trying to buy property in La Jolla. Sometimes even San Diego residents can be surprised with the prices in the neighborhoods they have interest in. We counsel our buyers on the nuances of the different neighborhoods in La Jolla. Our Group also provides information to educate buyers and set expectations from the beginning, including types of homes available, pricing, and architectural styles. Because our Group takes extra steps in the buying process, our clients are not frustrated with their search for a new home. Rather, our clients are realistic, informed and are able to identify the property that meets their needs.

  7. Negotiate With Patience
  8. With limited inventory, many properties in La Jolla are receiving multiple offers. In order for a buyer to have a competitive edge, it is critical to be represented by a Realtor that has a proven and professional skills in negotiations. Negotiations can sometimes take weeks. Navigating through this process takes patience, steady nerves, and clear communications. In this case, when considering buying: “Who you choose to represent you matters.”

  9. Be Ready To Act Fast
  10. Many buyers in this area are not aware that properties in La Jolla, when priced well, sell fast. If a buyer is getting a loan, it is critical to be pre-approved and have your mortgage options clearly identified. In many cases, a well-priced property, in a desirable location can receive multiple offers within hours of going on the market. If a buyer is not pre-approved, he or she is not prepared to compete for the home. Being approved allows the buyer to act faster and present an offer in a matter of hours when a property comes on the market. This “early advantage move” can work to the buyer’s advantage, since it will show the seller that buyer is confident and ready to move forward.

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