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Investment Properties

The Serafini Buettner Group works closely with many clients who are interested in creating long-term wealth and high monthly cash flow through investment property ownership. We specialize in single and multi-family units. Our Group can easily recognize the potential that an investment property can possess, which has helped many of our clients grow their real estate portfolio.

Having an extensive knowledge in design, architecture, and construction helps our team find the perfect investment property that meets each client’s criteria in a short amount of time. Michelle Serafini and Rosa Buettner also have hands-on experience working with investment properties throughout San Diego county. The members of our team have bought, sold, and remodeled investment properties of their own, so they have not only professional, but personal experience to share with their clients.

Our Group works closely with several outstanding property management companies, which provide high quality service, and maximize the rental income of our clients’ properties. We also have a great network of preferred partnersthat we closely work with who can help with financing, painting, architecture, gardening, construction, etc. If you are starting out, or if you are seasoned investor, we will be able to help.

Happy Investing!

A Sampling of Serafini Buettner Groups’ List of Investment Property Transactions:

– Represented the Seller on the sale of 3-on-1 in Pacific Beach

– Represented the Buyer on the purchase of multiple Condos in Pacific Beach

– Represented the Seller on the sale of a 3-on-1 in Ocean Beach

– Represented the Seller on the purchase of a 4-unit property in Pacific Beach

– Represented several Buyers on the purchase of second homes in the coastal communities of San Diego

– Represented an investor on the purchase of several properties throughout San Diego County

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