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The coastal communities in San Diego each have a local style, a vibe of their own, unique vistas that are breathtaking. The homes vary in architectural styles, the terrain varies offering different views, and the pricing can fluctuatesignificantly based on the neighborhood.

Take La Jolla for example. There are 17 different neighborhoods within La Jolla. Starting with La Jolla Farms, La Jolla Shores, La Jolla Heights, La Jolla Village, the Country Club, Beach Barber Tract, Wind n Sea, Lower Hermosa, Upper Hermosa, Muirlands, Muirlands Village, La Jolla Summit, La Jolla Mesa, Bird Rock, La Jolla Palisades, Soledad South, and Hillside. La Jolla is like San Diego weather. We have microclimate weather reports in San Diego. In La Jolla, we can tell you about specific micro-neighborhoods, and provide you with a report on a specific neighborhood that interests you.

When moving to San Diego from another part of the country, or even if you are moving from one coastal community to another, it is important to work with Realtors who are knowledge brokers. Those professionals who understand the nuances of each community can bring many benefits to represented sellers and buyers.

Real estate is not local, it is hyper-local.

Here are some examples that explain the importance of working with an expert knowledge broker:

  • A Knowledge Broker will know all rules and regulations of the particular community

– For Sale Signs are not allowed in La Jolla
– The Bird Rock neighborhood does not allow open house signs on La Jolla Boulevard

These two examples may seem small, but they are significant, because the Realtor you work with will need to deploy techniques that work to promote the property while working within and respecting the specific community the rules and regulations.

  • A Knowledge Broker belongs to and actively participates in the various organizations that directly help sellers and buyers

For example, if you are a seller in La Jolla, your Realtor needs to be a member of the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers’ Association (REBA). Being an active member of this organization can speed up the process of selling your home, bring more traffic into the home, allow the property to be featured and held open on the weekly broker’s new listing caravan open house, and create marketing buzz, both on and offline with the other Realtors who are active in selling properties in La Jolla. On the flip side, if you are a buyer, you will learn about off-market opportunities and homes that offer special attribute buyers are looking for that cannot be found by simply looking at photos on the web.

For all the reasons listed above, Serafini Buettner Group is a number one trusted source for allreal estate needs. Interviewing prospective agents for your upcoming listing or purchase? We want to meet with you!

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