Detail Renovation Consistency

The other day while visiting some properties, it struck me how, as costs escalate during a renovation, homeowners start to skimp on some details.
It would be much better, in my opinion, to enter into a renovation or building project and keep all the details consistent so those that have been obviously cut halfway through the project don't stand out. It is much easier to spot a lower quality item when juxtaposed against the higher quality item in the same property. For instance: installing exquisite door hardware throughout a home and then cutting back on a few doors handles with a cheap alternative will merely place a focus on those items. It would have been much better to install a slightly lower grade consistently throughout the property.
Sometimes I see beautiful light fixtures with cheap light bulbs. Yes, keeping energy costs and usage down is important, but complementing the fixture is just as important and can easily be achieved with some good pre-planning. The only way to avoid detail inconsistency is to budget more frugally from the outset, allow a small area of your budget for surprises and unforeseen costs, and then tour your property with the eyes of a buyer so that nothing stands out as looking lower quality next to everything else.

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