Did You Know....Millennials and Boomers are Competing for Properties?

Outdoor living spaces and low maintenance gardens are in demand.

At the dawn of a new decade, there is a glaring realization that in the USA we have under-built smaller, more affordable, well-designed housing. One big miscalculation by developers, who have focused entirely on larger, higher-priced homes, which are now challenging to sell.
   There is a growing number of the 83.5 million Millennials in the USA seeking entry-level, smaller lifestyle homes to get started in life.  However, they are not just competing with one another for this limited inventory, more affordable lifestyle home, they also are competing with Boomers!
   Many of the 77 million Boomers also are searching for smaller, more manageable, affordable homes. Many Boomers live in houses much too large for their wants or needs. Often their mortgages are paid off. Often their existing homes are worth much more than the smaller lifestyle home they want to move into.
   Some are even looking to buy two smaller homes in different locations to replace their one larger, more expensive home. Boomers selling to right-size are contributing to the excess inventory of the larger, higher-priced home arena.
   And we can’t forget to mention the third competitor for the smaller properties, individual and institutional investors who see great opportunity in being landlords to the millennial market segment.
   We have solutions...
  • If you are a Millennial or Boomer looking for the diamond in the rough, call us to discuss options and strategies to be successful in your home search.
  • If you are an investor, call us to discuss investment options that may provide a better ROI than one smaller property. For developers, call us to discuss business opportunities beyond the bigger is better home model.
  • If you have a small home, know it has great value in today’s market. If you are thinking of selling, call us, we can help you realize maximum return for your smaller square footage.

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