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Home buyers want their homes equipped with the technological capabilities they have grown accustomed to. They are rewriting the norms of what sells a home.

Many people shopping for real estate today are extremely tech-savvy. They grew up with smartphones, apps, and Google searches. And they want to use technology not only in their search for a home but throughout the home itself.
Homebuyers want their homes equipped with the technological capabilities they have grown accustomed to. They are rewriting the norms of what sells a home.
As the home buyer evolves, so does the home. Here are eight major shifts in homes you can expect to see today and in the coming years.
Outdoor Space:
As people work more and more from computers and smartphones, the desire for quiet, unplugged space Increases. A back porch, patio or deck area are a must-have in today’s homes. 
Whether you love to cook or not, the kitchen continues to be the gathering spot of a home. Today’s buyers expect high-end appliances, well-designed space, prep islands, pantry space, and access to the outdoors.
Hard Surface Flooring:
It used to be tile and hardwood floors. Now with the expansive options of manufactured wood, plank tiles that look like wood, vinyl of every style, and a price point to meet everyone’s budget, carpet use is on the decline. Today’s homeowners want the ease of care, durability, and style. 
A Finished Garage:
Gone are the days when a garage was used just to store junk and if you were lucky also a car or two. Today the garage is an extension of the interior of the house. A place for cars, efficiently designed storage and a location to partake in hobbies. 
Open Flow Design:
Although the idea of the open concept has been around for some time, today buyers are looking for form and function in a home’s design. They want open flow between the living areas but they are not looking for one big space that doesn’t allow for unique experiences. 
Natural Light:
Buyers today prefer classic sunlight over lamps and lighting fixtures. Now not every property is naturally suited to maximize outdoor light. If it’s possible, install some extra windows, a skylight or solar tube, or break down a wall or two to increase sunlight exposure.
Energy Efficiency:
Utility costs can make homeownership less affordable, which explains why buyers are looking for energy-efficient features. Replace old appliances with updated energy-efficient alternatives. Install ceiling fans and energy-efficient window coverings. 
Bathrooms are becoming more than a place to bathe. They are sanctuaries, a room to relax and rejuvenate. Think rain head showers, heated floors, TVs built into mirrors, double sinks, and touchless toilets. 
If you are considering a remodel before you put your home on the market, call us to get more information on the best remodels ROI or other ideas on how to increase your home’s value for the savvy home buyer.

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