Home Design Through The Pandemic Lens

The design of our homes and how we live in them is taking on a new dimension in pandemic times.

The design of how we live in our homes will take on a new dimension due to this pandemic. We are learning that a dining table can be a school desk, a workspace, a hobby area, and a game table. We are realizing the need for organized storage areas. Natural light and views out to nature are cherished.
Form and function have never been more appreciated in the design of a home. Whether you live in a 600 sq. ft. apartment in the city or a 6000 sq. ft. home in the burbs, your space means everything to you at this moment in time.
Here are 5 design trends we predict as a result of COVID:
1. Lighting will be front and center. Whether it is in considering how the natural light will fill a space to how lighting materials will be appropriated, how homes are lit will be key to every design.
2. Flexible use of space will be a design must. Public spaces in a home will be designed for multi-functional use.
3. Homes, no matter the size, will have an office at home.
4. The smart home trend will continue to be on the rise and technology efficiency in the home will be high on everyone’s list.
5. Access to outdoor space will be critical. Apartment and condo buildings will be designed and redesigned to ensure outdoor space that allows for physical distancing.
Homes will be designed to incorporate a flow between indoor and outdoor spaces that provide private, secure areas. One final thought, there will be a surge of city residents purchasing permanent second homes nestled in nature and offering privacy and quiet.

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