Lighting Trends

Lighting is experiencing new trends. Lighting enhances a space, creates a mood, and is often a focal point of design for a room.
Here are 8 of the hottest new lighting trends:
  1. LEDs: Light sources that shine more slyly at different levels in a room, with help from flexible, easily hidden LEDs.
  2. Light positions in rooms: Positioning lights within a room at a minimum of five different heights. By diffusing light, the various levels make it enigmatic and energetic.
  3. Diffused light: Downlight shows every line and imperfection and can be harsh. Diffused light is more flattering.
  4. LED light strips: Recessed alcove lighting used to be very expensive, but LED light strips have brought that cost down sharply and require much less space.
  5. Mix lighting styles: Combine 3 types of lighting: a smaller pendant/chandelier, task lights, and lamps.
  6. Replacing old lights with LEDs: LED burns much, much cooler so it can be placed almost anywhere without eating up too much energy or creating heat/fire risk.
  7. Aesthetically-pleasing lighting: Be sure to keep the temperature warm - 2,700 kelvins or lower - otherwise you could look ghostly.
  8. Using dimmers: Brightness-wise, an old 100-watt lightbulb is emulated with a 1,600 lumens LED light. Always have dimmers. (WSJ)

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