Options Available for Signing Real Estate Documents Outside U.S. Borders.

Are you scheduled to be out of the Country during your real estate transaction?

We find you the perfect house, or you receive an offer on the home we have listed for you. Great news, except you, will be out of the country on a trip during escrow.
What are your options for signing and notarizing documents for escrow besides buying a plane ticket and flying home?
Option 1: U.S. Embassy or Consulate Find the nearest U.S. government location at
Option 2: Apostille, the International Notary An Apostille is a simplified international certification of public
documents as ratified by the Hague Convention. If you are traveling in a country that is a party to the Hague Convention, this is a great option to get a signing done.
Option 3: U.S. Military Bases
Certain officers of the U.S. Armed Forces can provide notary services for military personnel and their families, civilian employees, retirees, and others eligible for legal assistance. You need to inquire about specifics at the base near your location.
Option 4: Judge or Court of Record Process
If you are in a country that is not a party to the Hague Conventions, such as Canada, then this would be your only option (other than an embassy or consulate) as there are no national notaries that are acceptable for recording. This option can be very challenging and may not have available in the time period needed.
If you are planning to travel abroad while you are in escrow, make sure to speak with us about your plans to ensure that we can assist you in properly managing your real estate transaction.

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