How close streetlights are to a property is important.

One element worthy of consideration when buying or renting a property is the exposure the property has to street lights.

Is the property located at the end of a street so that cars driving down the street at night have their headlights pointed into the living room or bedroom?

Is the property positioned on a winding road that will attract high beams? 

How close are streetlights to the property?
Are they at the level of living/sleeping spaces? 

Are there any other exterior lights that at night may cast a ghostly glow to the home?

Are there streetlights that provide enough light to enable safe walkability at night?

It's almost impossible to gather the impact of exposure to streetlights or exterior lighting during the day, and most showings happen during the daytime.
We think about these things and will bring them to your attention so that you can evaluate this aspect that could impact your quality of life rather dramatically.
It may require a night-time evaluation. 

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