Swimming Pools - The Ultimate Staycation

Swimming Pools are Making a Come-Back. But Not Your 60’s Kidney Shaped Pool. Today, Homeowners Want Their Pools and Backyards to Offer the Ultimate Staycation Experience.

Swimming pools are making a come-back. But not your 60’s kidney-shaped pool. Today, homeowners want their pools and backyards to offer the ultimate staycation experience. 
Fire and Water
Think of a Tahitian escape in the comfort of your own home. Fire elements coupled with a salt-water pool surrounded by tropical landscaping transform a backyard into an island getaway.
Built-in Bar
Consider a built-in pool bar to give your family and friends swim-up access to drinks and snacks. There’s nothing like lounging in the pool, sipping on a cool beverage to transform you into vacation time.
Sports Pool
Many homeowners are removing their shallow pools and replacing them with deeper pools. These pools are referred to as sports pools because they are well-suited for water sports. Sports such as water volleyball, swimming, and even water basketball can be done in this type of pool. In fact, this kind of pool offers homeowners an alternative to going to the gym.
The Smaller Pool
A smaller pool complete with well-designed decking, an outdoor kitchen, and even a backyard swing can transform any backyard, regardless of size, into a place of relaxation with zen-inspired qualities. 
Ledge Loungers
If you have ever been on vacation, then you know there is nothing more relaxing than lying on a ledge lounger while having your feet in the pool. Ledge loungers are relaxing because they give you the ability to be in the pool while still getting the warmth from the sun all at the same time.
LED Lighting 
If you plan on using your swimming pool at night adding advanced LED lighting systems to your pool area means creating not only a useful way to use your pool at night, it also makes the pool become the backdrop for outdoor entertaining.
The Multi-Level Pool
For the ultimate resort experience in your backyard, the multi-level pool offers a sense of escape with the sounds of cascading water. Multi-level pools can maximize space as you are building up instead of out allowing you options to enjoy various views from different levels, making a stunning statement in your backyard.
Darker Pool Hues
Dark interior pool finishes all are the craze as people are drawn to the serene, lagoon-like setting it creates. Combine the dark finish with rock features and a natural waterfall, and you have your very own piece of paradise in your backyard. Another added benefit of a dark interior pool finish is that it attracts and retains heat better than a lighter finish, helping to lower your pool heating costs.

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