The Stained Glass Light Dance

I have always had an artsy side to my personality.

I have always had an artsy side to my personality. I was the kid who loved throwing clay pots in art class, creating a painting studio in my parent's garage, visiting art galleries when other kids went shopping or to ball games.
Growing up in the Midwest, I was fascinated by the sea and the ocean. I always had a drawing pad with me and I would see images in books and draw how I imagined the ocean scenes would be.
Part of my essence has always been drawn to architecture and the use of colors and textures to create décor.
Fast forward years later, my husband’s job brings us to San Diego and we celebrated his birthday the first year here at the Beach House Restaurant in Cardiff.
Image my thrill in dining amongst the rocks, waves crashing and the sun setting over the ocean. As I walked through the restaurant, I was taken by the stained glasswork.
The light danced through the artfully crafted windows. Little did I know I was gazing at the work of a renowned local artist and architect.
A year later, I was on the La Jolla broker open house. The Wednesday morning event that defines La Jolla real estate. Approaching a home on tour, I took a step back to admire the front door, it's a Hubbell says the listing agent. A Hubbell I respond? Yes, James Hubbell created this front door.
The stained-glass work and the curves of the door captivated me and reminded me of the stained glass at the Beach House restaurant.
I returned to my office and did a search online for James Hubbell. Reading his story, my appreciation of his work and creativity grew.
When the Beach House restaurant closed, I was pleased to hear his works were saved. I find myself pleasantly surprised when I take walks and see his work on gates, windows, and doors throughout the area.
Creativity and inspiration are constantly around us, sometimes we have to allow our inner child to lose to see the beauty that is all around us.
To learn more, I encourage you to visit or simply look up from your cellphone and look around as you stroll through our coastal communities and appreciate all its architectural beauty. 

Michelle Serafini

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