In addition to Michelle and Rosa’s expertise and backgrounds in marketing, the members of the Serafini Buettner Group bring specialized creativity, knowledge, and trend-setting techniques to the advertising implemented daily for our clients. That is one of the differences that separate our Group from any other real estate Groups in the area. There is no other real estate team in La Jolla or among the coastal San Diego communities that has more years of experience in the marketing industry. The majority of our marketing efforts are done in-house, which makes all of our marketing promotions cohesive and specifically tailored for each listing.

Each client, each property, and each moment in the sale of a property tells a story. Those stories are at the heart of each campaign, and the stories are woven into every media outlet that is used to promote and advertise the property. Over the years, the Serafini Buettner Group has developed a multiple marketing strategy that is used to promote listings on local, regional, and international levels.

Michelle and Rosa are active participants in Coldwell Banker Global Luxury events as well as Coldwell Banker’s International Business Conferences, allowing them to not only stay connected to other top producers throughout the world, but also to learn from and hear from some of the leading marketing, sales, and real estate trainers and thought leaders about upcoming trends in real estate sales and marketing.

The Group’s techniques are trend-setting in real estate marketing, artfully crafting advertising that extends beyond print and dives into global digital platforms.

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